What makes us different.
Our approach is simple, really. We help you to define what you want your brand to be, to do and to say. We help you to better understand your audience by building archetypes of those you most want to connect with. The creative we design brings your brand to life, and the plan we put in place ensures your message is seen, heard and felt. Simple.

Audience First

To ensure a successful campaign, you need to understand your audiences psychographically as well as demographically — how they react to others, how they see themselves and how you can fit into their lives will drive your messaging and your choice of mediums.

Audience drives everything we do at SOS. We identify your audience first, through methodological research and analysis. We define archetypes that take into account their needs, preferences and pathways. That’s how we can confidently craft solutions and tactics that lead to higher audience and brand engagement, and ultimately, to greater sales.

It’s simple, really. Understand who you’re speaking to, and they will want to understand you.

Actionable Strategy

A strategy that only works in theory, no matter how well-defined, isn't useful. At most, it’s simply a formal statement of the intentions for your brand or messaging campaign, interesting in the picture it paints, but unsuccessful because of its inability to move the audience to action.  

An actionable strategy is one that presents a way forward. A way to articulate and operationalize a unique value proposition so that it will both attract and retain the key stakeholders you want and need.


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