People matter most.
At least we think so.
As a culture of thinkers and creators, we’re an imaginative team of idealists, pragmatists, collaborators, strategists, writers and designers. Sometimes quirky, often passionate and always down to earth. Meet the team that makes this place amazing.
“Limfjordscentret Doverodde Købmandsgård”

I’m most interested in digging deep to define what clients need – there’s always more to the picture. My side gig finds me drawing, writing and exhibiting artist’s books in places I can’t even pronounce.



Maureen Piggins


Mark Hickmott

“The opening scenes of Apocalypse Now…
can we talk about what that means?“

I help with the creative and strategic oversight here - it’s exciting because it’s everything from what we do as an agency to what our clients do day-to-day. Winchelsea Sussex, on the south-east coast of England, is the one place on earth where everything makes sense.

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Prefer tea over coffee

Group Account Director

Julie Malbogat

“How do we make this happen?”

I have two young daughters who ask curious questions and take everything I say literally. They challenge me to be pragmatic, planned and direct. Great practice for managing client expectations. Even better practice for working with a team of visionary creatives.

Preferred cuisine:

Account Director

Patty Hennessy

“Laugh, live, and know that everything happens for a reason.”

Quick, instinctive and very comfortable in a collaborative environment. As an Account Director, I’m always anticipating and managing client expectations. My background in production informs my thorough approach and to consider things from many points of view. Painting is a passion, it’s freeing and liberating as it allows me to surrender to the unknown and the unexpected.



Brian Levac

“Wielding an axe is terribly rewarding.”

Everything starts with instinct. From there, it’s a process of breaking things down to better understand if it’s right for the client and the business. My kids keep me on my feet. They are so free in their approach, and have yet to be shaped by rules. When I’m not challenging the team and the work, I spend as much time as possible on the ice or in the wild. It allows me to be engaged and present in a different manner.


Senior Studio Designer

Judy Steinhauer

“Also known as the Hammer.“

I am a lover of details and I enjoy wearing many hats. I am also the voice of reason. Production falls at the end of the process, before an idea has been fully realized and it needs to be done right, the first time.


Office Manager

Mary Beth Archer

“The friendly and patient voice of SOS... at least behind the telephone.”

Growing up in a family of travellers, I love to wander still. Whether it’s getting away on our boat for weekends on Georgian Bay or heading south for some beach time in the Dominican, I’m not that picky. Well maybe, a little bit.



Ronn Battaglia

“Think of a circus plate spinner...”

I have the ability to contain the chaos while addressing the needs of the team in a calm and grounded manner. I’m an observer by nature, and I listen to all that is being said and unsaid to understand how I can help move our clients towards success. My home also doubles as a boarding and wellness facility for dogs. Being in the presence of dogs energizes me.


Account Manager

Laura Deliakis

“The good parts are like a dance, never static.”

Outside, I’m mindful of how brand expressions live in the world, and I’m constantly looking to better understand how they can be successful. Inside, I love cooking; it’s very personal, but the experience of sharing it with others is always a collective victory.


Strategy & Research Director

Sarah Robertson

“Indecisive Moon. My latest art piece, not my personality.”

I liken my approach to each project as detective work. Curious by nature, I enjoy trying to find that something which is hidden and undiscovered. Away from work, I ride horses and have recently embarked in a little creative welding.

“Music and the past are great places to start.”

I like working with a limited palette of typography, colour and composition. I begin all of my work in B&W, stripping things back to their essence in order to unearth their beauty and power. Jazz and blues album covers from the 50s and 60s along with political propaganda posters from WWII and the Cuban Revolution inspire my aesthetic.



Shravan Sadhwani


Studio Manager

Brigitte Martin Cook

“I’ve got this!”

As a virgo who studied art and design, I bring that balance of organization and agility, as well as a good understanding of creative process and mojo. My virgo power is impassioned by strong coffee (Starbucks or bust), photography, yoga, interior design, travel and my posse of fur-babies.


Senior Designer

Jenn Lawrence

“Never try to out-stubborn a cat.”

From Toronto to Yellowknife and back, design has taken me great places (I’ve also visited 44 US States). Precision, speed and sarcasm are my usual creative tools but you’ll also find me in the studio with a chisel or at the kiln. Oh, and snacking, laughs and cats are very important.

Dog owners

Account Manager

John Wallace

“I’ve been on
the other side.”

The client side. This helps shape my insights and affords me a unique perspective. I’m constantly exploring the web wearing two hats: that of a digital marketer and a consumer. Music fills me up, not things! My soundtracks are constantly changing and it allows me to focus and think.

for Chocolate. Obviously.

Client Services Director

Karen Wreford

“I tend to look at things from many points of view.”

It’s just the analyst in me. My aim is to anticipate what’s next, what’s essential, and what’s at the core of our clients’ needs. When things slow down, I surround myself with good friends, food, and music. Books are in there too – you might even catch me reading a little Freud for inspiration.