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As a culture of thinkers and creators, we're an imaginative team of idealists, pragmatists, collaborators, strategists, writers and designers. Sometimes quirky, often passionate and always down to earth. Meet the team that makes this place amazing.


Mark Hickmott

“The opening scenes of Apocalypse Now…
can we talk about what that means?“

I help with the creative and strategic oversight here — it’s exciting because it’s everything from what we do as an agency to what our clients do day-to-day. Winchelsea Sussex, on the south-east coast of England, is the one place on earth where everything makes sense.

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All in stride.

From Yorkshire to Chicago to Toronto, I bring my globetrotting experience and an easy going nature to create useful and beautiful products — everything from identities to websites. I find myself inspired by everything around me being immersed in all things music, sports, travel and exploring the great outdoors.


Senior art director / digital

Ross Donegan

Prefer tea over coffee
“I tend to look at things from many points of view.”

It’s just the analyst in me. My aim is to anticipate what’s next, what’s essential, and what’s at the core of our clients’ needs. When things slow down, I surround myself with good friends, food, and music. Books are in there too – you might even catch me reading a little Freud for inspiration.


Group Account Director

Karen Wreford

“Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.”

So much of my life circles back to Harry Potter. Even my work has ties to the story of the boy wizard, a story of not just magic and wonder, but more importantly, of community and belonging. Because whether you’re a client or a customer, everyone wants to be heard. So I listen. Deeply. Always tuned in to the wants and needs of our clients and for opportunities to engage with customers on social media.


Digital Projects & Social Media Manager

Samantha H. Porter

“Colour with a 'u'.”

I live in the big picture and thrive in the details. My thrill of exploration and joy of discovery and design have taken me to the some of the best places in the world and the most unexpected places in music and dance. Digging deep and reaching far to bring the broad into the specifics, I find ways to make information beautiful.


Senior Art Director

Kathryn Herald Moore

“A clean desk is a happy desk.”

From Toronto to Yellowknife and back, design has taken me great places. I love great editorial design – and was excited to be selected as the 2018 art director of the National Magazine Awards. I enjoy precision, list-making, snacking and cats (the most organized of pets).


Senior Art Director

Jenn Lawrence

“Smile & find a way.”

The most interesting part of my job is that there is no ‘typical’ day. I listen, communicate, collaborate, communicate, react, listen, collaborate and communicate some more. It’s about finding a way – or making one – while working hard, staying humble and being kind. My day often continues with reading, spending time with family and friends, drawing, running, and drinking coffee – a lot of coffee!


Account Director

Mimi Tourangeau


Ronn Battaglia

“Think of a circus-plate spinner...”

I have the ability to contain the chaos while addressing the needs of the team in a calm and grounded manner. I’m an observer by nature, and I listen to all that is being said and unsaid to understand how I can help move our clients towards success. My home also doubles as a boarding and wellness facility for dogs. Being in the presence of dogs energizes me.

“Why not?”

Embrace new experiences and crave adventure. This approach brings me fluidity and ambiguity with both design and life. I am happiest when I have a coffee in my left, dog leash in my right, my feet in the grass and the sun in the sky.



Ally Hawthorne

“Let’s figure it out!”

I have a genuine passion for branding and design, and building relationships with internal teams and clients. I’m part real-life Nancy Drew and part juggler, unearthing insights and business opportunities without dropping the details. Outside of work, I love the magic of discovery that travel allows – I’ve built houses in Haiti for Habitat for Humanity, but also love stumbling upon the next best restaurant or gallery in the neighbourhood.


Director of Client Services & New Business Development 

Michelle de Clair

Senior Studio Designer

Daniel Barbuto

“No problem, it’s done.”

Who needs to be a rock star when you’re living it up as a rock star studio designer and dad? When not spending time with my family, I take the ideas of our best creative minds and turn them into reality. And listen to bands that don’t exist yet.


Account & Production Director 

Patty Hennessy

“Laugh, live, and know that everything happens for a reason.”

Quick, instinctive and very comfortable in a collaborative environment. As an Account Director, I’m always anticipating and managing client expectations. My background in production informs my thorough approach and helps me to consider things from many points of view. Painting is a passion, it’s freeing and liberating as it allows me to surrender to the unknown and the unexpected.

“Limfjordscentret Doverodde Købmandsgård”

I’m most interested in digging deep to define what clients need – there’s always more to the picture. My side gig finds me drawing, writing and exhibiting artist’s books in places I can’t even pronounce.


Associate Creative Director

Maureen Piggins

“Also known as the Hammer.“

I am a lover of details and I enjoy wearing many hats. I am also the voice of reason. Production falls at the end of the process, before an idea has been fully realized and it needs to be done right, the first time.


Senior Studio Designer

Judy Steinhauer

“Eat. Sleep. Shower. Design. Repeat.“

I move around pixels until they look good together. Music inspires me, as do the creative and smart people around me, and I’ve worked at many different types of agencies: advertising, restaurant design, packaging, branding and web design. Outside of work, I’m a binger of tv and movies, and a collector (hoarder) of old things: cameras, vinyl records, watches and furniture. I enjoy film photography, and am always up for exploring the Toronto restaurant/bar scene.



Ankush Dhiman

“Always do what makes you happiest.“

I don’t believe in doing something if there is no joy in doing it, whether at work or play. My role includes listening to the client to get an understanding of what they require, then sitting with the creative minds to make it happen (while happily managing everything in between). I am an avid series & movie guy, enjoy baking and travelling as often as possible, and I love cars, so you will find me at every car show in the city. You’ll also catch me saying weird South African things like ’shame’ & ‘just now’ or ’now now’.


Account Supervisor

Brian Bentley-Falcke

Creative Director

Sarah Cosentino

“5, 6, 7, 8”

Great design is like a well choreographed tap dance — strong technique combined with pleasing artistry. It requires precision and control. It resonates clean and clear. And it has the ability to captivate and move an audience. I strive to achieve this effect, guiding the team to create aesthetically brilliant creative that is married to a strong strategic foundation.

for Chocolate. Obviously.

Office/Culture Manager & Producer

Brigitte Martin Cook

“I’ve got this!”

As a virgo who studied art and design, I bring that balance of organization and agility, as well as a good understanding of creative process and mojo. My virgo power is impassioned by strong coffee (Starbucks or bust), photography, yoga, interior design, travel and my posse of fur-babies.


Strategy & Research Advisor

Sarah Robertson

“Indecisive Moon. My latest art piece, not my personality.”

I liken my approach to each project as detective work. Curious by nature, I enjoy trying to find that something which is hidden and undiscovered. Away from work, I ride horses and have recently embarked on a little creative welding.

Dog owners
“Music and the past are great places to start.”

I like working with a limited palette of typography, colour and composition. I begin all of my work in B&W, stripping things back to their essence in order to unearth their beauty and power. Jazz and blues album covers from the ’50s and ’60s along with political propaganda posters from WWII and the Cuban Revolution inspire my aesthetic.



Shravan Sadhwani

“Parades, people, purpose….”

You name it, and I can make it happen. I am a strategic doer who helps find people whatever they need to build great work. I’m inspired by our team who listens, cares about each other and brings their best to everything they do. I love to try new things, meet new people, cycle around town and impact change. Let’s talk.


Account Director

Sarah MacLennan

“Stay calm within the chaos.”

Being part of something that has value – knowing that my contribution matters – is what drives me. I am a conduit between the client and the team, ensuring alignment while keeping focus on building relationships and getting the job done. What grounds me is family, friends, a little me time, and the community, where I’m an ardent supporter of TFC Soccer, Second Kicks and Interval House.


Account Director

Colette Morgan

“Be good.”

I am a drinker of black coffee, and a maker of things. I started out in a boutique design studio, and moved into the advertising world before finally landing at NYC’s School of Visual Arts for a Masters in Branding. In subsequent years I opened my own branding studio, as well as a little restaurant. Upon finally returning home to Toronto, I now get to spend my days with super smart people, all working towards making intelligent, creative work. I’m inspired by all things of and relating to wine, David Bowie circa 1977 to 1983, food science, drawing with small lines and dots too, Paris bistros, food stalls in Bangkok, BBQ from Lima.


Associate Creative Director

Tyler Adam Smith