Ampersand City: A celebration of the Toronto urban experience

Manulife Centre’s $100 million redevelopment will transform Bay & Bloor into a premiere lifestyle destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. As one of the key partners at the table, SOS is responsible for driving how this landmark redevelopment is perceived and felt in the community. Our role involves ongoing marketing and communications, environmental graphics and signage, as well as management of Manulife Centre's brand through this transition. As part of Phase 1, SOS created “Ampersand City”, a visual representation of the Toronto urban experience, inspired by Manulife Centre's commitment to city-building and urban revitalization.

Using the Manulife Centre bloor & better ampersand as canvas for our original artwork pieces, we interpreted the theme of urban Toronto living through paint, paper, collage, and mixed media, even creating an ice cream sculpture that was very carefully photographed (and then eaten). The resulting artwork first appeared on hoarding in and around the Centre, and the project is now poised to engage the community in a larger conversation about city pride though social media, contests, installations and stories. Stay tuned for more #ampersandcity.

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