St. Clement’s School is a leading Toronto independent girls’ school with a mission to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. The school is recognized for its commitment to academic rigour and teaching excellence with programs that challenge students to think critically and creatively in a supportive and nurturing environment.

St. Clement’s was in the midst of a brand refresh and approached SOS for collateral support. The initial ask was to design and copy edit the new 2018–2020 Strategic Vision brochure ensuring it became an engaging, powerful and accessible document reflecting the uniqueness of St. Clement’s School. The brochure needed to communicate the essence and key pillars of the Strategic Vision. In addition, it needed to inspire pride and excitement for the future appealing to key audiences including past and future families, alumnae, faculty, prospective and current donors. To achieve this, full-page photography interacting with warm headlines, considered copywriting, fun infographics and a quirky, non-corporate design and finish was employed in both the design and production of the brochure. To emphasize St. Clement’s iconic red blazer, a red card “jacket” wrapped the brochure which helped to give it a keepsake quality. Photography and content communicated the school’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and diversity.
St. Clement’s Annual Report of Giving recognizes and thanks donors and shows the positive impact of donations on the girls, the school and the community. SOS extended the aesthetic, tone and messaging begun in the Strategic Vision brochure to bring the annual to life in a cohesively branded and inspiring way. A red wrap was added to create a reveal and to make it feel more special.
To help launch St. Clement’s new Strategic Vision, SOS concepted, wrote and produced a two-minute Strategic Plan video. The video was shot onsite at the school and captured a variety of beautiful moments spanning grades 1–12 to showcase: their new library; sports facilities; arts, music and science labs, and most importantly, the close-knit, inclusive and diverse spirit of St. Clement’s School. The video footage was repurposed into a welcome video for newly accepted students.
After the success of the Strategic Vision brochure, videos, and Annual Reports, SOS was invited to redesign St. Clement’s School’s website. In addition to aligning the overall look and feel to the redefined brand identity, the key areas this redesign needed to address were overall ease of navigation, improving the application process for prospective parents, fixing broken features such as the events calendar, ensuring the site was functional across all devices and increasing the editability and flexibility of the site design and CMS.

Following a competitive audit and user needs analysis, it was decided that a modular approach would be the optimal solution for St. Clement’s. This approach allowed for increased flexibility within the CMS, giving the user the ability to add to and create new pages by combining a variety of stackable content modules. This modular approach also helped ensure each page of the site would be optimized for readability, as content is broken into digestible sections which help maintain interest and decrease bounce rates. Further, the overall architecture of the site was significantly streamlined thanks to the introduction of dynamic content areas such as accordions and carousels, allowing the main navigation design to be simplified to ensure users could access the information they are looking for in a single click. To make navigation even easier, the website’s content was organized within the main menu to speak directly to St. Clement’s key target audiences, allowing visitors to hone in on the content most relevant to them. In addition, a “Jump To” menu was added to the tertiary navigation to provide easy access to third-party tools and important documentation that return users need to access quickly.

Another key UX improvement was a streamlined application form optimized for ease of completion and featuring a dynamic progress bar to indicate form length and time to completion. This redesigned form also allows the user to upload relevant documentation directly to the site, which is then organized in a secure drive for the admissions team to process, thereby streamlining the process for both prospective parents and the Admissions Team respectively. Additionally, a highly visual and functional events calendar was designed and developed to allow users to easily find the events most relevant to them, with comprehensive event listings that can include links to documentation and other relevant information for attendees.
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