The Faculty of Extension at University of Alberta delivers innovative and responsive continuing education offering learners opportunities to achieve their professional and personal lifelong goals. Over time, Faculty messaging had become undifferentiated and required a refresh.

Research & Strategy

Our two-phase research process included a competitive analysis, staff and existing student interviews, an online board with general population prospects and a review of sales numbers. Our research revealed the need to capitalize on U of A’s reputation in Business-related programs and the depth of expertise in key Health and Safety courses, seminars and workshops. The research also revealed the need for a stronger, more sales-focused approach with a streamlined set of messages and more direct business language as well as more innovative and flexible course offerings.


The brand refresh included strengthening the colour palette and making recommendations towards a stronger, more consistent use of existing brand elements. A custom photoshoot helped portray the Faculty’s modern location set in an energetic and vibrant learning atmosphere. The print collateral and website architecture were simplified; key messaging was more direct and focused on expertise, flexibility, reputation and innovative offerings. SOS targeted key audiences with two different marketing pieces: a die-cut, roll-fold brochure with a saddle-stitched interior; and, a mailed postcard, both optimized to drive people to the website to enrol under a strong call to action to “Chart Your Course”. A concurrent digital ad campaign complemented the print campaign.
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